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Aging with Tech

Sometimes it seems that older people are not eager or willing to change. When it comes to technology it is no shock that an overwhelming number of older people do not understand how to use the new tools and technologies, we have all grown so accustomed to. This can cause a disconnection between family members. It may not seem like it, but while we’re scrolling through Instagram, Grandma and Grandpa are often still flipping through their old photo albums. For the most part, once members of the older generation get an understanding of how new technology works, they tend to love it more than we do! But how do they get there you might wonder? It’s simple—we need to take it upon ourselves to teach them! It may take some time and we may need the patience to go over things more than once, but it will be worth it in the end. I promise!

I’ve spent time working with the elderly, and I’ve realized that a lot of their apprehension stems from physical limitations. The loss of vision, lack of balance and deteriorating coordination can all create barriers or limitations for them. Inclusion, connections and relationships are an extremely important factor in general health. Including the elderly in new social technologies is a key part of creating an inclusive environment. If you are tech savvy and have an older friend or family member in your life, help them out! Make the font on their phones larger, increase their volume settings, and do what you can to make using their devices not only easier but exciting! Have your kids show their grandparents how to use filters and video chat. Not only does this open more avenues of communication, it encourages one on one time!

Sign your Grandma or Grandpa up for Instagram this weekend! I’ll look out for your pics! Use #marcellecare and I’ll repost them in my story!


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