Let's Talk Body Language!

Last week I touched on the perception that women can be understood if a certain set of rules are followed. We know now that this is a complete falsehood, but there was one interesting tip that stood out to me because it was rooted in science!

As humans, we do things constantly without thinking about it. Right now, you’re breathing, blinking, reading, and you’re not reminding yourself to do these things. Body language, the way our bodies and expressions convey things without meaning to, is something that can help you in flirting and “reading the mind” of someone you’re interested in. Though it is a flawed method, it is an interesting one!

Let's look at some of the signs you can look for to help you be more attentive and more certain of what's happening in your encounters. Building this skillset can also serve in relationships across the board!

Eyes — Paying attention to eyes is essential. This can sometimes be difficult, because of cell phones and today’s constant distractions, but if you happen to catch someone eye, smile, and make sure to lock contact—they’ll remember it!

Lips — Notice restless lips. If someone bites their lips while thinking or listening, they are bringing attention to their lips, which can indicate that they are interested (or in need of chap stick, proceed accordingly)!

Head Tilting — Tilting the head can be a clear indication of interest. People do this routinely in conversations to indicate their interest, recognition and/or acknowledgement. This movement shows the neck, which can be a signal of interest or that they feel comfortable with you.

Hands — A psychiatrist with whom I have worked multiple times, emphasizes carefully observing the hands of his patients, especially the fingers. People twitch or move their fingers a lot when they are nervous, or they may reach to touch you more often if they are attracted to you.

While these signs in body language aren’t 100% foolproof, they are fascinating! The next time you’re speaking to someone pay attention to these things, are they moving around a lot, are their eyes focused on you or wandering? Once you are able to notice these things, you’ll be able to reach people better which in turn can make you a great communicator!