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Live Vibrantly!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I was once speaking to my grandmother and our regular conversation became a life changing one. She was being her regular engaging self, but my mind was elsewhere and my answers curt. After a flurry of “yes” and “okay” as answers she realized something was wrong and she said something that has stuck with me. She said, “Share your problems with me, maybe I can carry the things you can’t.”

We all know how important it is to eat healthily, avoid processed foods, added sugars, and get some exercise in, but to be truly healthy, you need more than just that. Since moving to America these past two years, these things have been a focus of mine. This focus has helped me stay physically healthy but there is much more to overall health than your sugar intake! I have found that many of us are constantly taking on project after project. Whether, like my mother says, it’s in our genes; or it’s the pressures of society that cause us to constantly be on the go, this way of living I believe is not sustainable or healthy.

Over the years I have regularly taken on more than I could chew, and my health has suffered for it. I have learned that, like my grandmother showed me, it is alright to ask for help and support when it is needed. Health and wellness are far more than what you put into your body, it’s also how you treat your mind and your soul. I have learned through my success and failures that I am loved, capable, beautiful and a survivor who is lucky to be blessed with a wonderful and helpful support system.

Take time for yourself, be a "little" selfish every now and then, it’s allowed and necessary!

My message to you is to treat your body with kindness and respect, remove yourself from stressful situations and relish in your happier moments celebrating small wins.

Here, a few tips from me that can help you learn to lean into the happy moments, and set a base of health living for yourself:

- Get a good night rest. You’ve heard wrong... you can’t catch up on sleep! so, make sure you’re in bed at a reasonable hour nightly!

- Eat a balanced diet. This is not to say eat only leafy greens, but practice portion control, and make sure you are getting your protein and nutrients in! Don’t worry about indulging sweets and treats once in a while, you deserve it!

- Take time away from technology! Put the phone down every now and then, pay attention to your surroundings, and be unplugged for a while.

Before to let you go, I would like to tell you that, if you want to learn how to enjoy life vibrantly, start practicing gratitude.

For example, you could start a gratitude journal or simply begin each day by writing down three things you're thankful for, such as, “Today, I am grateful for this nice cup of coffee in my hands, the book I’m reading that’s teaching me so much, my adorable partner or my happy pet.”

Put yourself first, learn to live a vibrant life, and thrive!

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