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Monopoly vs. The Real World

Monopoly Vs. The Real World

My children and I love to play Monopoly. Sometimes I wish the game could last forever! The last time we played I found myself thinking about how Monopoly mirrors the real world in some ways, and how drastically different it is in others. In Monopoly players spend their time saving money to buy property and move up in the world, just like real life, a player works to advance and grow. When I think about the real world though I sense an imbalance. It seems that we are working for success like in the game, but we aren’t taking care of ourselves, the earth or paying attention to our connection to it!

The 21st century is about infinite growth. Every day we invite our neighbors, children, friends and family to strive for greatness and to push themselves to achieve but we don’t take the time to be aware of our surroundings or take into account the beautiful world we live in. Being present and aware of your surroundings in an important part of overall wellness and health. Just like in the game of Monopoly it is important to strive for success, and to work toward something, but life isn’t a board game. The world has much more to offer and I fear we are missing much of it because we are bogged down by this unrelenting need to succeed.

If we begin to take notice of the earth and all we have around us, become present in general, I believe we can achieve a level of happiness that was previously unknown to us. Much like the game of Monopoly life is about success, but in real life other things must take precedence. Take account of the earth, take care of the planet, and take care of yourself!

Our current rhythm of life allows for constant distraction: lights, sounds, cell phones, advertisements, work, family, and more. We are expected to give 100% to everything we do, but it has become more and more difficult, and much more detrimental. We are constantly told to live in the present, but to me its seems that time is flying by without us ever recognizing it, without us appreciating it. So how do I suggest we change things?

It’s simple, we have to force ourselves to be present, we have to force ourselves to be aware, and we have to make sure we are taking advantage of all the wonder and beauty to world has to offer! Let’s all start now, right after you read these lines!

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