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Did She Say Oral Sex?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

My friend and I were on a nice and quiet beach on the island of Ibiza. Tanned and tired of sunbathing, we decided to go to the snack bar, when suddenly my friend was surprised by a female voice shouting - “Oh my God! Yes, you are here!” Her boss was there! Such a spectacular woman… I had already known that she was older than us, but she looked so powerful walking towards us, like a professional model. She was wearing a bikini and her body was painted perfectly with coconut oil. Everyone around us was staring at her. Have you ever find yourself saying “I could never do that” or “Oh my lord - I’ll never gonna look like that?” Right! That is exactly what I thought...

After three or four more "Oh my God!" and "What a coincidence to find you here?!”, my friend introduced us formally and there we were — three single girls drinking Caipirinhas. Of course, we started talking about work, and then life in general. (I’m dying to reveal her name because you could Google her and appreciate everything much more. However, I'm not going to do it because it would be inappropriate and I’m sure she would kill me!)

I started to notice my head rumbling due to the delicious beach drinks and the sea breeze, and then I suddenly heard — “What do you think about oral sex, Marcelle?” As most of you already know, I am hard of hearing, and I thought that I had heard it perfectly, but my subconscious carried a different message to my brain. I ended up answering the question, "What do you think about the electric toothbrush?”, instead!

So, I started talking about the benefits of the electric toothbrush without stopping, saying how pleasant the foamy feeling is when the brush is spinning in your mouth, and that you can keep it in longer without removing it from the mouth and spitting foam residues, etc. Suddenly, I noticed my friend's hand squeezing my knee tightly as if it had dislocated and she wanted to put it back in place again! “Ouch!” I screamed. “What's wrong?” When they finally explained the miscommunication, I swear to God, I just wanted to disappear! However, after laughing for at least half an hour, we started seriously talking about oral sex!

One month and fourteen days before our beach trip, the mysterious lady had been divorced. So, after seventeen years of marriage, she was in "open window mode", trying to find love again. She expressed intense emotions and realized that this was the time in her life to explore things that she had heard about but had never experienced. It’s never too late to start feeling confident about yourself. Now that I’m older, I finally understand what she was talking about…

Sometimes talking about emotions like this can be considered taboo. I’d like to invite everyone to share their experiences. I’m sure that you have many people to talk to, but sometimes you may want a private place to share with a confidant. Share your most intimate ambitions, fantasies, fears, embarrassments and loads of sincerity. You may learn from yourself much more than you could ever imagine… Many times, with a simple action, such as sharing or chatting intimately and without taboos, we can receive the most satisfaction.

This week, I’m going to use some words every day. Engraining in me the habit of using them as much as I can, I encourage you to apply them to yourself and to project them to the people who matter to you.

These words include: Passionate, Unlimited, Worthy, Radiance, Purposeful, Energetic, Exciting, Visionary, Luminous, Lovely, Peaceful, Serendipity, Powerful and Harmonious.

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