Hello guys, Marcelle here!

I am excited to share my new adventure, my new hope; this beautiful challenge! After struggling to find my professional footing, I feel that I have found a way to use my skills and reinvent myself. I’m excited for this journey and grateful you are all along for the ride!

So what exactly is Marcelle’s Two Cents?

I have a wealth of information from my time as a periodontist, teaching, and being the lead in multiple projects where the sole purpose was health prevention. With this information I have acquired over the years, I am excited to share the information and techniques I have mastered, while also taking the time to learn more, to share with all of you.

I believe that a life of integrity requires that we make all of our choices based on what we truly value, what our power allows for us, and what we can do to better ourselves and those around us. I am excited to impart some of this wisdom upon you and hope to learn from all of you as well!

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